"Information is the new revolution, not technology," Alan November

Big Ideas and popular tools from the Boston Learning Conference 2011

  • Ask deeper questions that cannot be googled

  • Global communication in the classroom - show your students there are people outside the classroom, start a grandparent SKYPE in kindergarten

  • Teach skills that will outlast change in tools/technology

  • Students must become self-directed
    • Our students will work in a market where no one will be telling them exactly what to do and how to do it

  • Twitterto develop a Professional Learning Network (PLN)
    • Make lists - organize who you follow (Tweet Deck)
    • Students can subscribe to your lists
    • Lurk First, then begin to contribute, ask questions

  • Beginning in 3rd grade students should create their first Diigo
    • This account will follow them through their educational careers, think about the wealth of infomation that child will have at his/her fingertips after exiting high school?